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My Ham Shack

All are seen from left to right

First Row

(Ham Shack Desk) (L Bracket Layout) (Speaker Switch Box) (Power Strip)

Second Row

(Ham Shack Desk Assembly) (Ham Shack Desk 3D Assembily)

Ham Shack Desk.   Ham Shack L Bracket Layout.    Speaker Switch Box.    Ham Shack Power Strip.   
Ham Shack Desk Assembly.    Ham Shack Desk In 3D.   


All are seen from left to right

First Row

(Computer Desk) (Crutch Plate) (Scott Family Remodel)

Second Row

(Wood Shed) (palm 5)

Computer Desk.    Crutch Plate.    Scott Family Remodel.   

Wood Shed Done for K7TLJ.    palm 5 Was my first CAD drawing. My thanks to Tom KD7DMH.   

Mobile Mountain Topper

More coming on a later date.

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